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January Newsletter

*Must Read*
50ml Aftershaves

For all of you chasing me for the 50ml's, they are being produced as we speak. I am hoping they will be live before Valentines day!

If your not sure what scent you will like, Click the link and purchase our CITY COLLECTION which will give you an idea of what scent you prefer. I have also increased the scent slightly on the 50ml so if you liked the 5ml's your going to love the 50ml's.

For speed we have only produced a few hundred of each scent, so we will put these on pre-sale for all those who do not want to miss out. With Valentines coming up I expect these to all go within in a few days.

Watch out for the Pre-Sale email.
Hair Powder

This is a new product that is close to completion. Some of you may not know what hair powder is, so I will try and explain. 

Hair powder looks and feels very similar to talk and powder. The only difference is, this powder is for your hair, and not... Elsewhere! 

What does it do? It gives your hair a tonne of extra volume, but keeps it looking very dry and matte looking. So basically it looks like you haven't got any gel or wax in your hair except you get the hold and style as if you have. 

This really is a game changer for guys, it gives the look I am sure most of us are going for... To not look like Simon from the Inbetweeners! (picture below for those who do not get the reference). 

Anyway, for those of you with the luxury of having hair this really is a great product and has excellent results.  STAY TUNED!

Hand Wash + Hand Cream
We are getting close to producing our very own hotel inspired Hand Wash + Hand Cream Set! 

Larger bottles 300/500ml sizes.

This will have very calming oud + bergamot smell and feel to it. Full of natural goodness to clean and repair, leaving your hands smelling and feeling amazing! 

Can't wait for these!
Something I have wanted to do for a while but the old C word has prevented that. Hopefully now we are coming out of this and people will start to feel ok again about going to live events, f they don't already. 

Where? This will be in Central London, exact location TBC but I have a few spots in mind that I am sure you will enjoy! 

What to expect at the event? You will get to meet our two young inspiring Ambassadors, they will give a talk on all things Rugby and Olympics. 

We will be doing live product testing, so you can get to try all our products and also try our upcoming products! 

We have a few other guest speakers lined up that I am really excited about, more details to follow. 

We will be giving away some Benny's goodie bags for you all to take away. 

Last but not least... you get to meet me! I will give a small talk on Benny's and where the brand is going and also gives me a chance to ask you all some questions and get to know you all a bit better. 

If this is something you would be interested in attending.

Can you reply to this email with a YES PLEASE! 

For those of you who have got this far thank you for reading, and look forward to making you all some seriously good products this year! 

Thanks everyone, have a nice evening. 

Co Founder 

Benny's of London

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