The Benny's Story

Good afternoon everyone, 

My name is Ben, Co-founder of Benny's of London. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you all a little about the story of Benny's.


Why Benny's? As you can see from the picture, Benny's has not been my only career. I have played professional football most of my life and unfortunately seen so many friends finish their careers with nothing at the end or have stopped early through injury in the same position, so felt I needed to do something else alongside playing.

But I didn't want to just do anything, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to start a brand that could help men mentally as well as physically. Having lost close friends to mental health. The goal is to help as many men worldwide feel a little better about themselves, hopefully our products can do that.

So 5 years ago at the age of 25, Benny's of London was created. The name obviously speaks for itself, being from around London. We was, and still are a family run business. 

We care so much about providing the best quality product and service to our customers. We are always looking to improve and aim to keep growing and make a difference to men worldwide. 

No time more than now, there is so much negativity and uncertainty in the world, and if we are able to take away some of that, even just for a short period of when a man has a shave, does his hair or treats his beard then we on the road to achieving our goal.  


How did we start? We originally started by selling our now best selling shaving brush on Amazon. Amazon has certainly grown in recent years which has changed the way we shop today. Our brand grew almost instantly, since our shaving brush launched, in just under 5 years we have added over 25 new lines to our range, sold over 300,000 units and sell products across the world. 

We are immensely proud of how far we have come in such a short space of time, considering we was only 25 when the brand started. 

Benny's has some massive goals and have so much more we want to provide for our customers. We are constantly trying to improve and work towards making more men feel and look good everyday. 

We hope our product bring a smile to everyone who uses them. Even if know one else sees that smile! 

I hope you keep safe and well and thank you for taking to read/listen to our story.

Best Regards 

Ben & The Benny's team.