Benny's Grooming Tips

Wet Shaving made simple


  • Shaving brush
  • Double Edge Safety Razor (with blades)
  • Shaving cream
  • Pre-shave oil (optional)
  • Post shave balm (optional)


  1. Pre-shave soften the hairs and open the pores of the skin by applying warm or hot water (shower/bath/flannel)

  2. If you have sensitive skin we suggest using a pre-shave oil as an extra pre-caution

  3. With your shaving brush apply a small amount of warm water and lather your shaving cream and in a circular motion apply to your stubble/beard.

  4. Warm the blade on your razor under hot water, then carefully using short strokes shave with the grain (the direction your hair grows). Usually if you go against the grain it can cause rash/redness.

  5. 5.Take extra care when round the neck and throat areas as these are the most sensitive.

  1. After every couple of strokes rinse under Hot Water to clean the razor

  2. Once you have finished your shave, wash the shaved area with cool water.

  3. We recommend using a post shave balm, especially if you have sensitive skin this can help with irritation and redness.

 Following these simple steps will ensure a safe and irritation free shave

Please check our FAQ's if you're unsure on anything or feel free to email the shave specialists